Your guide to outdoor adventure in Albuquerque

Outdoor Adventure in Albuquerque


With mild weather year-round, towering mountains on its outskirts and the world’s fifth-largest river running through it, Albuquerque is a hidden gem for lovers of the outdoors.

Whether you prefer to spend your time on the trail, in the river, or even in the sky, you’ll find that Albuquerque is a prime destination for a wide variety of outdoor adventures.

Let this serve as your guide to some of the area’s most-loved natural attractions and the best way to spend a day there.


Albuquerque hiking trails

Albuquerque offers a wealth of hiking and climbing experiences for experts and novices alike. From dormant volcanoes to arid foothills, there’s something for everyone.

For those looking for more mellow hiking with cultural information along the way, head to the Petroglyph National Monument. The Piedras Marcadas Canyon Trail and the Rinconada Canyon Trail are both less than 3 miles long, with views of etchings carved into stone from eons past.

If you want to see a little bit of everything and are okay with a bit longer hike, head to the base of the Sandias for the 6.5-mile La Luz Trail #137. The trail takes you through the Cibola National Forest and up about 3,5000 feet of elevation gain to reach a ridge above the city. Here, you’ll enjoy some of the best views of both the mountains and the city.


Albuquerque mountain biking trails

Just minutes from downtown, high-intensity mountain biking trails or pleasant city paths await biking enthusiasts.

The multi-use, paved Paseo del Bosque trail is perfect for a relaxed ride. The 16-mile path winds along the Rio Grande river through the Rio Grande Valley State Park and passes by public art along Tingley Beach, Central Avenue, and other locations.

If you’re looking for a bit more of an adventurous ride, the foothills of the Sandias have plenty of options for mountain biking. Some of the best trails are between the High Desert and the Elena Gallegos Trailheads, ranging from very smooth to rocky and technical.


Jemez Mountains Albuquerque

About an hour and of half north of Albuquerque lies the Jemez Mountains, with some of the region’s best trout fishing.

Anglers should head to ​​the East Fork of the Jemez River to fish for brown trout among towering spruce trees in undisturbed forest wilderness. The river is shallow most of the year, generally around 2-3 feet in most areas. Perfect for fly fishing!

Even if you don’t catch anything,the area’s serene scenery is worth it for a trip on its own!


Rio Grande Albuquerque

The heart and soul of Albuquerque is the Rio Grande. The majestic river cuts through the center of the city, winding pasts bustling urban areas as well as quiet, natural sanctuaries.

Without rapids, the calm portion of the river running from Bernalillo to Siphon Beach is ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding. Keep your eyes peeled for coyotes, sandhill cranes or porcupines along the river banks!


Hot air balloon over Albuquerque

Albuquerque’s most famous outdoor adventure takes guests high up into the sky for a view of all of the land below.

For phenomenal views of the city, the mountains and the river all at once, the only way to explore is by hot air balloon. Choose between a multitude of local hot air balloon companies. And as one of the only cities in the United States that can support hot air ballooning year-round, it’s a must-do while you’re in town.

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